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Dear Readers,


It is my honor to present to you the 3rd Issue of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin and I would like to express my appreciation to you for the continuous support.

This issue has come after Rwanda successfully hosted the 20th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA2019) on 2-7 December 2019. At the Conference, 20 key sessions, engaging policymakers and implementers from across Africa and beyond and over 10 000 health professionals and 250 media and journalists gathered together to address AIDS and STIs as global health challenges.

The World AIDS Day 2019 occurred on the eve of ICASA2019, and Rwanda was hailed to have reached the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets. Proud of these achievements, Rwanda is also grateful to have successfully hosted the ICASA2019 and appreciate lessons learned from different kinds of expertise shared during the conference.

In order to achieve an AIDS free Africa and an AIDS free world, the focus of efforts in the fight against AIDS and STIs should be on vulnerable groups through inclusive programs and decentralized programs that involve communities where vulnerable people live.

In this issue, there are articles that cover ICASA2019 conference and updates on the fight against AIDS and STIs.

This issue is available on and the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin is open for submission of manuscripts any time. A new issue is published quarterly. Authors instructions and submission guidelines are available on the website.

Therefore, I urge our readers, public health experts, and all healthcare professionals to keep supporting the publication of health data by submitting to the bulletin and disseminating its publications to make public health information accessible to all.


I wish you a very pleasant reading



By: Prof. Leon MUTESA, MD, PhD

Category: Editorial

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