National Centre For Blood Transfusion


Blood Transfusion Division has the mandate of providing safe, effective and adequate blood and blood products to all patients in need. BTD has five Regional Centers for Blood transfusion (RCBTs) located in all administrative provinces and the City of Kigali. Blood collection activities are carried out within 5 fixed and 568 mobile collection sites country wide. NCBT serves 66 transfusing public and private health facilities.

What We Do

Together with the Ministry of Health, the division sets national blood transfusion policies and standards, including the National Quality Assurance and Control Program and its regular monitoring.

The division is responsible for organizing, supervising, and coordinating blood transfusion activities in Rwanda, promoting voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation, and analyzing, processing, and distributing blood and blood components to all hospitals in Rwanda.

The division also trains and upgrades knowledge on transfusion medicine of NCBT personnel, as well as users of blood and blood components in Rwanda.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To provide safe, effective and adequate blood and blood products to all patients in need.
Mission: To be a center of excellence in the region by conforming to international blood banking standards.

Did You Know?

  • The use of medical drones have been implemented to supply life-saving medical products, such as blood and vaccines, to remote hospitals throughout the country.
  • Rwanda has become the second country to achieve Level 3 Accreditation in in blood transfusion by Africa Society for Blood Transfusion (AFSBT).

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