Medical Technology And Infrastructure

Eng. Francine Umutesi Division Manager

Eng. Francine Umutesi is the Manager of the Medical Technology Division, at the Biomedical Services Department of Rwanda Biomedical Centre. She has experience in Entrepreneurship, Business process management and a Project management.

She holds a Biomedical Engineering degree from the Lodz University of Technology in Poland.

She serves as the Board Chair of the Rwanda Association of Biomedical Engineers (RAME), a Member of the National Council Board of the Rwanda Health Allied Professional Council (RHAPC), an invited Collaborator Member of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering in their Clinical Engineering Division (IFMBE–CED).


The Medical Technology and Infrastructure (MTI) Division is responsible for Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) as well as supervision and assistance in engineering of healthcare infrastructure.

What We Do

The MTI division provides efficient management and coordination of healthcare equipment and infrastructure in all public healthcare facilities in the country. The division also coordinates the planning activities related to medical equipment for government health facilities determined by a Prime Minister’s Order.


The Planning unit provides assessment of new infrastructure and medical equipment, budgeting and financing, procurement support and logistics, monitoring of activities for ongoing projects, and replacement/extension assessment.

Healthcare Technology Management

The Healthcare Technology Management unit provides technology assessment and selection, installation and commissioning, training and skill development, operation and safety (use), monitoring of maintenance and repairs, decommissioning and disposal, and verifications of invoice prior to submission for payment.

Infrastructure Projects Management

The Infrastructure Projects Management unit provides healthcare infrastructure project design, participates in tender and contract negotiations, monitors activities of ongoing projects, and healthcare facility maintenance planning and financing.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To ensure sustainable and equitable access to quality health equipment and infrastructure to improve health service delivery.
Mission: To provide efficient management of healthcare equipment and infrastructure through qualified and sufficient human resources, state-of-art guidelines, standards and processes, and high-standard quality control.


Eng. Francine UMUTESI
Division Manager
Medical Technology and Infrastructure (MTI)
Phone: +250 785 235 183

Did You Know?

Biomedical Engineering is a young field in Rwanda and the world. While Biomedical Engineers are still scarce in the workforce, they provide improvement in healthcare services in our healthcare facilities.Read More .

Tool Used For Medical Equipment Management

The Medical Equipment Management and Maintenance System (MEMMS) is an online platform used to manage, monitor and follow-up on the use of all medical equipment in Public Healthcare Facilities. Additional details may be found here

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