Clarisse Musanabaganwa

Dr. Clarisse Musanabaganwa holds a PhD in medical sciences from Radboud University Netherlands. She is acquainted with expertise in epigenetics and bioinformatics in the field of medical sciences. Musanabaganwa is registered as a research fellow at Vrije Universteit Brussel/Belgium (VUB). She  holds a masters of science in epidemiology from university of Rwanda and second masters in international public health from Manchester metropolitan university/UK as well as a bachelor of science in biotechnology, biochemistry and genetics engineering from Bangalore university/India. 

She has a postgraduate diploma in bioinformatics and clinical research. Clarisse has more than 12 years of experience in research and development (RD) within the health sector.She is the PI of many research projects primarily cancer, neuropsychiatric disorders, covid19 and cardiovascular diseases. She published a number of scientific articles and she is a reviewer for national and international scientific journals.

Clarisse is  a Next Generation Scientist at Novartis/Switzerland and an affiliate of the center of human genetics at the University of Rwanda where she is currently a Postdoc fellow on podoconiosis research project funded by NIHR and she is investigating the role of epigenetic mechanisms in the etiology of podoconiosis. She is also a research fellow under the global minds grant/Vrije Universiteit Brussel/Belgium. She has been a member of national research agenda steering committee, the chair of district research challenge steering committee as well as the national focal point of EAC health research commission. 


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