Travelers will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at the airport. This is subject to the payment of 60 USD (50USD for covid-19 test and 10USD for specific logistics at the airport). For travelers who opt for a cash payment at arrival, the balance will be given in local currency (FRW). Travelers who do not use the payment methods provided on the passenger locator form may be required to pay again at arrival and claim for refund for any previous payment made.

In order to facilitate Rwandan citizens to test regularly for Covid-19 and to know their status, including Rwandans returning home for end of year holidays, the Government of Rwanda will subsidize the cost of Covid-19 tests as follows:

  • For the mandatory RT-PCR tests taken upon arrival and on Day 3 of quarantine, Rwandan citizens will pay Rwf 40,000 or 40 USD (30USD for covid-19 test and 10USD for specific logistics to the airport) instead of current cost of Rwf 57,200 for each test.
  • For the mandatory RT-PCR test taken on Day 7, Rwandan citizens will pay Rwf 30,000 or 30USD instead of current cost of Rwf 47,200 for each test.

All arriving travelers must pay the cost of both mandatory RT-PCR tests of arrival and of Day 3 of quarantine on arrivals but sample collection for day 3 will be conducted at the hotel.

This is a system to mandatorily be used for self-registration by all the people wishing to take COVID-19 tests. We have set up an easy-to-fill form that will guide users to provide all necessary information required prior to being tested, including payment modalities.

At completion of the form and test payment, a unique code will be provided in form of short message on the telephone number provided and will be shown to RBC testing staffs on sites for the testing to proceed. This form will reduce the time spent while registering at testing site.

NOTE: Digital payments (MoMo Pay and Airtel Money) are exclusively done on site in front of RBC staff. In that case, a final code will be sent to the client after reception of the payment. The final code will replace another code that will have been communicated to them previously for the sake of completing the form. The latter can’t guarantee a test.

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Payment modalities

The COVID-19 testing is done at Kigali conference and exhibition Village(KCEV) commonly known as Camp Kigali

Fee in USD : $50 on the following bank account:

- Bank name: Bank Of Kigali
- Account No: 100069876867
- Account Name: RBC/Internal Generated Revenues
- Currency : USD

Fee in Rwandan Francs: 47200 on the following bank account:

- Bank name : Bank of Kigali
- Account no: 100069801697
- Account Name: RBC/Internal Generated Revenues
- Currency:Frw
N.B: the digital payment with MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money is done in front of our agents at the testing site, you are not allowed to do it before reaching the site.
MTN Mobile Money Pay: *182*8*1*029729# or *182*8*1*029730#
Airtel Money: *500*4*2*1*298084# or *500*4*2*1*298093#