Rwanda Health Communication Centre

Mr Julien Mahoro Niyingabira Division Manager

Mr Julien Mahoro Niyingabira is the Rwanda Health Communication Centre (RHCC) Division Manager.

He holds a Msc in Communication Theory and Public Relations from the People’s Friendship University of Russia (PFUR/RUDN) in Moscow, Russia Federation. He also graduated as a bachelor of journalism from the National University of Rwanda. He has experience in media relations, media and health promotion content creation and multimedia productions.
Before joining RBC, in 2015 Mr Niyingabira worked as a journalism trainer and radio producer at the National University of Rwanda and as communications / media expert at the Rwanda Revenue Authority.  
Follow him on his twitter handle @niyingabira


The Rwanda Health Communication Centre has the mandate of coordinating health promotion interventions and handling media and public relations within the health sector.

What We Do

The Rwanda Health Communication Centre (RHCC) manages and organizes media and public relations to facilitate access to information in order to inform the public on activities and news in the health sector. In addition, the division works to identify and develop effective messaging to reach communication objectives and coordinates activities related to promoting healthy behaviors through the development of strategies, key messages, and tools for the implementation and monitoring of health information impact. RHCC is also the Chair of the National Health Promotion, Social Determinant of Environmental Health Technical Working Group.

Health Promotion

The Health Promotion Unit plans, implements interventions and campaigns aimed at promoting healthy behaviors and practices across the Country. In addition, the Unit is responsible for coordinating the process of developing, producing and disseminating to the public educational materials on all health related topics. The Unit works to convey awareness through community outreach, community meetings, door to door education, patient education at health facilities and through online, print and broadcasting media channels.

Media Relations

The Media Relations Unit is responsible for facilitating and coordinating local and international media to ensure coverage of all health sector related activities in order to share achievements in improving the quality. The unit is also in charge of reviewing and monitoring all health related information shared through various channels including social media platforms, online, print media, television, and radio.

In addition, the unit is responsible for covering and facilitating all communication, branding and media relations of international events and conferences, campaigns, world health days, and press conferences. The unit is also responsible for managing all Ministry of Health and Rwanda Biomedical Centre social media handles and websites to continuously inform the public.

Call Centre

The Call Centre has a hotline (114) managed by operators who are specialists in different fields. The hotline aids in delivering healthcare information, counseling, and facilitates access of health services to the population from Monday to Saturday. Designed as a source of free, independent assistance, and information for clients/callers, the Call Centre serves as an important information gathering tool that can generate data similar to surveillance surveys.

Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre serves as a warehouse for all health information and resources for the entire health sector. The Documentation Centre acquires, preserves, and disseminates Policies, Strategic plans, guidelines, social behavior change communication materials including electronic, print and audiovisual tools.


To harmonize all communication channels from the central to decentralized level in order to keep the general public informed and ensure availability of health-related messages, tools, and information.


Division Manager
Rwanda Health Communication Centre
Tel: +250 788 606 072

Did You Know?

  • In 2018-2019 the Call Centre received over 116,000 calls on various health topics?
  • In addition to international media, we work with about 1,000 local journalists, working at 35 radio programs, 14 television programs, 36 print media houses, and 92 online media houses.
  • Launched in August 2019, the Rwanda Compass serves as an online platform for easy development, review and approval process, access to approved health promotion materials and messages for partners, currently there are over 2,000 titles preserved.
  • In 2018-2019, over 10 million people were reached with messages on disease prevention through various media channels.

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