Planning, M&E And Business Strategy Division


The Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation and Business Strategy (PMEBS) Division has a support role for divisions at RBC and beyond in terms of planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, efficiency and engaging the private sector and health information systems used across the sector.

What We Do

PMEBS Division has four units and each unit has a specific support role. Because of this crosscutting nature, the PMEBS division often works with different stakeholders to achieve its objectives. These include RBC departments and divisions, Ministry of Health, MINECOFIN, Rwanda Development Board, health facilities, private sector and national and international partners.


The Planning unit continually improves and inspires strategic and operational planning/budgeting and implementation across health programs.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The Monitoring & Evaluation unit monitors and evaluates overall RBC performance against national targets (NST1, NLR, NDC), Imihigo, RBC action plan targets and other set goals. In addition, this unit is responsible for improving the quality of service and data across the sector.

Business Development

The Business Development unit supports income generation, efficiency initiatives, and private sector engagement across the health sector.

Health Information Systems

The Health Information Systems unit introduces, strengthens, and implements health information systems for data management and service delivery improvement across the sector.


Vision and Mission

Vision: To be a reference of innovations and knowledge in health planning and efficient implementation with cutting edge health information systems.
Mission: Devoted to the development and implementation follow up of quality integrated and prioritized plans, monitoring and evaluation, and health information systems across health programs.


Division Manager
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Business Strategy
Tel: +250 788466515

Did You Know?

Hospitals are now utilizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for patient health information.