Non Communicable Dieseases

Dr. Francois Uwinkindi the Division Manager

Dr. Francois Uwinkindi is the Division Manager of Non-Communicable Diseases Division.

He is a Medical Doctor with a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from University of Rwanda.
Dr Francois previously served as the Director of the Cancer Diseases Unit for 4 years from 2015 to 2019, the post he occupied after serving for more than five years in national HIV Control Program with different roles and responsibilities in Prevention, Care & Treatment, Monitoring and Evaluation and Clinical Research.

Prior to joining Rwanda Biomedical Centre, he worked as a medical officer at Byumba district hospital for 2 years.


The Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Division coordinates prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative interventions in the country to prevent and mitigate NCDs.

What We Do

The NCD division works in close collaboration with health facilities, public institutions, and other partners to reduce the burden of NCDs in Rwanda. The division also supports palliative care services.
The division’s four units include:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Injury and Disabilities
  • Diabetes, Lung, Renal and Other Metabolic Diseases

Priority activities include:

  • Increasing awareness in the community about prevention and early detection of NCDs
  • Integrating cervical cancer screening and early detection of breast cancer in primary health care facilities
  • Establishment of specialized facilities for management of NCDs, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, dialysis, renal transplantation and rehabilitation centres.
  • Upgrading cancer diagnostic capacity in the country, with a focus on teaching hospitals
  • Decentralization of the management of NCDs from the central level to district hospitals and health centres
  • Improving facility management and rehabilitation of injuries and rehabilitative services for persons with disabilities
  • Establishing disease registries: National Cancer Registry, Injury Registry, Diabetes Registry, Rheumatic Heart Diseases Registry
  • Promotion of research and development related to NCDs
  • Developing innovative approaches, including precision medicine for cancer management

Vision and Mission

Vision: To protect Rwanda's population from morbidity and mortality related to NCDs.
Mission: To alleviate the burden of NCDs throughout Rwanda through integrated prevention, diagnosis, and care and treatment services. .


Division Manager
Non Communicable Diseases
Tel: +250788854473

Did You Know?

Rwanda holds bimonthly routine awareness activities to promote healthy lifestyle interventions and tips called Car Free Day, in prevention of NCDs. Activities include exercise, nutrition advice, and health screenings. .

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