Mental Health


The Mental Health Division has the mandate of delivering quality, affordable, and equitable mental health services to all Rwandans.

What We Do

The Mental Health Division implements high impact interventions for the prevention of mental health, the promotion of mental health awareness, the management of mental illness, and the rehabilitation and social reintegration of the mentally ill. The division also focuses on strengthening the integration of mental health care into the national health system.

Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Unit

The Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Unit plans and implements integrated strategies for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse disorders.

Psychiatric Care

The Psychiatric Care unit develops, decentralizes, and integrates mental healthcare services and interventions at all levels of health care system.

Community Mental Rehabilitation Unit

The Community Mental Rehabilitation Unit works to strengthen community-based mental health interventions to facilitate rehabilitation of individuals with mental disorders.

Values And Principles

  • Patient-centered care
  • Community, family and patient participation
  • Quality services built on evidence-based care
  • Inter-sectoral collaboration, decentralization and integration of care
  • Accessibility, efficiency, equity and sustainability of care
  • Respect of human rights of the mentally ill
  • Recovery and rehabilitation

Mission and Vision

Our Vision: A Rwanda that cares for its citizens’ mental wellbeing, where all levels of service delivery provide quality mental health services in a comprehensive, decentralized and integrated health system.
Our Mission: To develop a system capable of safeguarding the mental wellbeing of all Rwandans through prevention, mental health education, early diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and support to those with mental illness. .


Dr Darius Gishoma
Division Manager
Mental Health Division
Email: .

Did You Know?

We have a professional Call Center with operators specialized in different fields that operates Monday to Saturday. Please call 114 .

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