Epidemic Surveillance And Response


The Public Health Surveillance and Emergency Preparedness and Response Division has a cross-cutting role in the area of surveillance and response for high priority diseases.

What We Do

Each unit under the Epidemic Surveillance and Response (ESR) Division has a specific role in disease detection and response. Because epidemic infectious diseases often cross borders, the ESR division is tasked with coordinating with other government institutions and international partners to detect and respond quickly and efficiently.

Surveillance Unit

The Surveillance Unit plays a critical role in the early detection of epidemics in Rwanda, collecting and analyzing data and quickly communicating results to inform programmatic response in real time. The unit maintains the integrated disease surveillance system and publishes the epidemiological bulletin for use by scientists, policymakers, and the general public.

Avian Influenza and Highly Pathogenic Diseases Unit

The Avian Influenza and Highly Pathogenic Diseases Unit plans, organizes and implements activities to respond to outbreaks of Avian Influenza and other highly pathogenic diseases. The unit also conducts trainings for sentinel site surveillance officers and focal points.

Food and Waterborne Diseases Unit

The Food and Waterborne Diseases Unit develops policies and guidelines related to the control and prevention of food and waterborne diseases and supports communication initiatives as necessary to inform the public.

Outbreak Preparedness and Response Unit

The Unit aids in outbreak management, emergency preparedness and response, and disseminates outbreak investigation findings as mecessary.

Mission and Vision

Vision: To support timely response to epidemic-prone diseases and other health conditions in Rwanda through surveillance and reporting.
Mission: To prevent and control epidemics and other public health emergencies in Rwanda through the implementation of the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) system, a comprehensive regional framework for strengthening national public health surveillance and response.

Did You Know?

There are currently 24 priority diseases under the division's surveillance.

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