Rwanda launches EACPass; a Covid-19 test authenticating tool in the EAC

Kigali, 30 January 2022 — In a bid to facilitate verification and authentication of Covid-19 digital testing certificates issued across EAC countries, Rwanda, joins Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania in launching the EACPass, an integrated platform capturing Covid-19 negative test results and vaccination records. The EACPass will facilitate citizens crossing borders or ports of entry/exit, traveling within and beyond the East African region, serving as proof of valid tests and Covid-19 vaccination.

Other than serving as authenticating tool, the EACPass was designed with the broader objective of scaling up quality health within the East African Community, harmonising national health policies through the exchange of information on health issues in the region.

The EACPass is a system directly integrated to the central depository of national laboratories of all the 6 partner states. Each country has designated laboratories accredited to carry out PCR Covid-19 tests for travelers, issuing electronic digital certificates.

The EACPass is accessible through a downloadable mobile application (Android and iOS operating systems) and integrates negative test results for covid-19 and vaccination information from all EAC countries to support those who are traveling across the regional and international arena and this helps in having a safe, seamless trip during travel.

Prior to the commencement of any trip, passengers/ travelers should download EACPass App and register. Login credentials will automatically be sent to email used during registration and traveler will use them to Login EACPass App and receive authentication of Covid-19 results


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For more information, please contact:


Eng. Murenzi Daniel
Principal Information Technology Officer at East African Community
P.O.Box 1096  Arusha, Tanzania
Tel (Office line): +255 27 2162160 
Cell: +255755250559 Ext: 23210



Niyingabira Mahoro Julien
Rwanda Health Communication Centre Division Manager
Rwanda Biomedical Centre/Ministry of Health
Cell: +250788606072
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