Covid-19: Mass testing exercise kicks off today in Kigali City

Kigali July 17, 2021. The Ministry of Health through Rwanda Biomedical Centre has started mass testing exercise in all the cells of the City of Kigali on 17-18 July to determine the prevalence of the pandemic. The exercise will continue on Monday 19, 2021 in other 8 districts that are under lockdown.
The Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije, in an interview with journalists disclosed that the COVID-19 mass testing will inform the Ministry about the prevalence of the COVID-19 in Kigali City and then in the 8 districts that are under lockdown to help the Ministry better understand the spread of the disease and closely monitor the positive cases.


Those who test positive are advised to bring all the members of the family. If they live in one compound, they are required to also call their neighbors to go for COVID-19 testing to prevent the onward infection of others.

 “ We will know the general picture of the pandemic, the number of cases, their ages, asymptomatic and symptomatic positive cases. We hope to get useful information that will help us to improve our strategies to monitor and reduce viral transmission.” Said Minister Ngamije
Minister Ngamije further said the samples of positive cases with the Rapid test will be tested again to check the delta variant. The information will be very useful to know the cases with the delta variant.
Everyone above 18 years in the selected household is tested and receive results after a short time while being at the testing site. The client who tests positive receives a kit of messages and advice on behavior to adopt in home based care. Then he/she is connected to the community health worker for close monitoring in home based care.

The Minister called upon the targeted population to respond positively to the invitation for mass testing in a bid to know their COVID-19 status.

Ancila, a mother aged 80, living in Kibagabaga cell, Kimironko sector, Gasabo district called upon other members of the community who receive the invitation for testing to grasp this chance and get tested.
“I am happy that my results came out negative, I feel relieved and happy. I advise other fellow citizens who have been selected to respond positively for COVID-19 testing to know their status.”
At least 15 per cent of the adult population in Kigali and other 8 districts will be tested, to determine the current prevalence of COVID-19 in Kigali City and other 8 districts for better monitoring of positive cases.