RBC targets 5 million cycling fans with Covid-19 prevention messages

Kigali, May 5, 2021. Rwanda Biomedical Centre is reaching out to around 5 million cycling fans with COVID-19 preventive measures under the slogan “Sindohoka” and other diseases prevention messages during the 13th Edition of   2021 Tour du Rwanda taking place in Rwanda from 2 to 9 May 2021.

According to Julien Niyingabira Mahoro, the head of the Rwanda Health Communication Centre at Rwanda Biomedical Centre, RBC is taking advantage of the 13th Edition of 2021 Tour du Rwanda since it attracts many people on roads and through traditional and social media.
“We have a huge number of cycling fans, we are reminding people that the COVID-19 is still here, we urge all Rwandans and the cycling fans in particular to continue to observe  COVID-19 Preventive measures including handwashing, properly wearing masks and physical distancing.” Said Niyingabira
Niyingabira explained that RBC is using different communication channels to reach the people for a greater impact.

RBC has branded cars with a slogan dubbed as “Sindohoka”, during the 2021 Tour du Rwanda to call on the public to be careful, avoid getting distracted by bicycles and forget to comply with measures against COVID-19.

Clemence Dusingize, the Social Behavioral Change Communication specialist urges the cycling fans to not only  prevent the Covid-19  but also fight against other diseases such as HIV, Malaria, NCDs and malnutrition related diseases.

“RBC reminds you that Health is Wealth. Keep on fighting against Malaria. Our Riders cannot reach such achievements while suffering from Malaria or other diseases. In addition, you need to care about your nutrition in order to prevent malnutrition related diseases.”
Germaine Mbabazi, a resident of Ngoma Sector, in Huye district, expresses her gratitude to RBC for its awareness messages on diseases prevention.

“ These messages are very important for me, as they repeat the prevention measures against different diseases including Covid-19, I keep them in mind and will observe them. I see, you are distributing condoms; this is very crucial to protect the population against HIV.” Said Mbabazi
  RBC has provided COVID-19 testing to every delegate and rider before the start of the race and keep on reminding the population to observe strict public health guidelines against coronavirus pandemic to ensure that all riders and the cycling fans are safe from the COVID-19.