Rwanda starts second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Kigali, April 2, 2021. Today on Friday, Rwanda has rolled out its second dose of Covid-19 vaccination starting with those who received their first doses of Pfizer-BioNTech in Kigali City.

In the first phase of COVID-19 vaccination campaign that started 28 days ago, 290,000 people were vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine whereas 51,000 received Pfizer.


After being vaccinated for the first time, recipients of the Pfizer vaccine have to take between 21 to 28 days to get the second dose while those who received AstraZeneca have to take between 8 to 12 weeks before they can get the second dose because the protective levels of antibodies are generally developed two weeks after receiving the second dose.
The Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije has urged beneficiaries to mandatorily complete the two-dose schedule.

β€œIt is necessary to complete two doses of COVID-19 vaccine and continue observing COVID-19 preventive measures including wearing masks properly, physical distancing, avoiding large gatherings in closed areas and regular handwashing even after getting the two doses.” Said Minister Ngamije
Sekamana Faustin, a resident of Masaka sector in Kicukiro district confirms that he will continue to comply with COVID-19 prevention measure to protect himself and others.

Isabelle, a woman living in Kabuga sector expressed her sincere gratitude to the Government of Rwanda for having offered to her a free vaccine to protect her life.

β€œI feel great, I am happy and thank the Government of Rwanda for being one of the first to be fully vaccinated free of charge.” Said Isabelle.

COVID-19 vaccine is being offered first to high-risk groups, including frontline workers, elderly people above 65 years, and people living with underlying conditions and disability.

The system of the Ministry of Health sends an SMS to individuals informing the date of the second dose. After all doses of the vaccine are administered, the system sends another SMS offering a link for certificate to the registered mobile number of the beneficiary.