The Dual Clinical Practice; the way to quality health services in Rwanda

Kigali, 29 November 2020 — In a continued quest to increase access to quality health services provided in public health facilities and retain highly skilled health professionals (Medical Doctors and Dental Surgeons) in the public sector, the Ministry of Health issued instructions governing dual clinical practice.

Dual Clinical Practice refers to clinical work, which may be undertaken physically within or outside public health facilities and within or outside providers' contracted hours of public sector employment. Furthermore, a worker is able to receive remuneration on a contractual basis within their same respective public health facility.

“The Ministry of Health recognizes that dual clinical practice is beneficial in the health sector, conversely with the capacity to enforce regulations that allow patients to get health care services in public health facilities,” said Dr Daniel Ngamije, the Minister of Health.

A set of modalities have already been set in the Dual Clinical Practice to ensure that health practitioners have reasonable workloads and clients still get quality services. Medical doctors and dental surgeons will do dual clinical practice in their appointed public health facility on a contractual basis after allocated working hours. They, however, are allowed to provide services in one private health facility during their days off and weekends. Under specific circumstances and after assessment, the Minister of Health may authorize a Medical Doctor or a Dental Surgeon to practice in an additional public hospital.

Also, to ensure that services provided do not compromise the quality of care and patient safety, the number of patients managed and procedures performed in dual clinical practice shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of those performed during the normal working hours.

The Ministry of Health, after assessing requests from health facilities, shall allow them to start operating dual clinical practice. Health facilities will also be required to set up an electronic system to monitor visits, acts, procedures, and generated incomes. The Ministry of Health shall commission an independent assessment of the Dual Clinical Practice implementation after the first six (6) months to inform policy review and decision making.  

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