Family planning has reduced stunting in Ruhango district

Ruhango, June 2, 2021. Ruhango district authorities disclosed that they have strengthened family planning services among women and men to improve malnutrition and fight against stunting.
Residents living in Ruhango district have understood and implemented family planning methods and the number of residents seeking family planning services methods keeps growing.
According to the District Authorities, 65% of women use a variety of contraceptives, while the number of men who have undergone vasectomy has reached 1,600.


This was disclosed by the Mayor of Ruhango district, Mr. Habarurema Valens while briefing the press on family planning and nutrition situation in the district during the media tour campaign on family planning, hygiene, nutrition, stunting prevention and COVID-19 prevention.

Family planning has played a significant role in solving the problem of stunting and malnutrition.

“Nutrition among children has improved significantly in the past 5 years, malnutrition has reduced from 41% to 28% currently while the national target was 31%.  Our ambition is to get zero stunting case.” Said Habarurema.

Emmanuel Siborurema, the deputy head of Kigoma health centre disclosed that the use of family planning has helped the population to have children they  can feed with a balanced diet, they can  educate , dress, afford  medical care, and plan for their better future.

When births are well spaced, mothers have more time, energy, and resources to adequately breastfeed and feed their children.

A couple of Usanase Jean Paul and Umurangamirwa Triphine living in Rwoga Cell in Ruhango Sector, Ruhango district, have been married for nearly eight years. They have two daughters, the first daughter is 7 years old and the second is 3 years old.

Umurangamirwa Triphine said family planning has helped her family raise healthy children, because they births that were spaced allowed the mother to find time to do other things without worrying about taking care of the children; this equally enabled them to build their own house.

" We, as a family, plan together to manage our revenues and take care of our children properly. Family planning enabled us to have a dignified life ." Said  Umurangamirwa.

Usanase said family planning has been instrumental in preventing their children from suffering from complications including stunting and malnutrition.

“A family that have many children does not get easily a balanced diet. For instance, if you have two chickens, laying two eggs per day, these will not be enough for all the children. But if you have two children, one eats one egg and the other eats one egg, then they grow up well without any problems.”

According to the 2019-20 Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey During the last 5 years, the use of modern methods has increased from 48% to 58%, and the total demand for contraception has increased from 72% to 78%. Demand satisfied with modern methods has increased from 66% to 75% during the same period.