Private Health Facilities grateful for Ministry of Health inspection

Private health facilities have expressed their gratitude towards the ongoing Ministry of Health inspection, calling it a wakeup call to perfect standards in their day to day work as health service providers.

“The visit will enable us perfect to have a routine follow-up in our day to day work to perfect health service delivery,” says the Administrator of Heritage, a Private clinic.

 The Ministry of Health launched an inspection for private health facilities to ensure quality service delivery.

The joint inspection scheduled started on 6th and ends on 10th March, 2017. During the inspection, the Ministry of Health, Health Professional councils, Health professional’s associations across the country assess the quality of service delivered at the Private facilities including the implementation of guidelines, protocols and compliance with requirements of the councils and the Ministry.

Done by 3 groups, the inspection has visited over 20 private health facilities in Gasabo, Musanze and Rubavu, Nyarugenge, Kicukiro and Kamonyi Districts.

The purpose of this inspection is to assess the level of quality of service delivered mainly the implementation of guidelines, protocols in order to improve the quality of service delivery in Private Health Facilities.

A detailed report on quality of service delivery and clear recommendations will be handed over to the Ministry of Health and decisions will be taken against substandard health practices.

Ministry of Health is inventing effective ways to perfect service delivery at public and private health facilities. The list includes phone ban for healthcare providers during working hours, capacity building for healthcare providers and putting in place a system to receive and orient patients.