COVID-19 prevention is everyone’s responsibility

Kigali, March 31, 2021. On Tuesday 30th March, the Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije; the Minister of Education Dr. Valentine Uwamariya; the  Minister of Local  Government Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi and  the Rwanda National Police Spokesperson CP Jean Bosco Kabera held a press conference with media to shed more lights on the latest Covid-19 prevention measures and COVID-19 vaccination programme at the Hall Conference of the Office of the Prime Minister.
The Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije called upon each and every Rwandan to play his/her role to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


“Preventing COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility, we appreciate the role of Rwandans in their effective response to the epidemic, and we are committed to preventing it.”

Minister Ngamije reminded that the last Christmas festivities contributed to the spread of the COVID-19 and warned Rwandans not to violate measures against COVID-19 during the upcoming Easter Holidays that is due this weekend.

Minister Ngamije requested the students who are starting their holidays on this Easter weekend to avoid unnecessary travels and celebrations.

The Minister of Education Dr. Valentine Uwamariya urged students who are due to start their Easter Holidays to comply with the existing Covid-19 measures while in their families.
“You are going to your families, you need to rest and avoid celebrations to curb the spread of Covid-19 during your holidays.”

Minister Ngamije pointed out that there are Rwandans who violate COVID-19 prevention measures believing they are safe after receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

“This is not true. The vaccines help our bodies to fight the virus, even when you receive the second dose, you are not completely protected. We will be assured of protection when 60% of our population will have been vaccinated. Let’s keep observing the preventative measures.” Said Dr. Ngamije.

Minister Ngamije disclosed that Rwanda is going to roll out the second phase of Covid-19 vaccination this Friday on April 2, 2021 and the priority will be given to those who received their first doses. He further said the Government has already ordered of 500,000 vaccines and expects to receive over 200,000 from Covax framework.

The Minister of Local Government Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney said that the local government has engaged religious leaders to make sure that churches comply with COVID-19 measures during the Easter Season.