2022 Health Research and Policy Symposium

Rwanda’s health sector has achieved important milestones in addressing some of the most pressing health challenges and burdens of disease. Efforts have been deployed in different disease programs to tackle them at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment levels but long-term initiatives have also been implemented to ensure sustainable investment and universal health coverage. However, COVID-19 pandemic has challenged existing health infrastructure, which required a new strategy and unprecedent interventions to respond effectively and timely. Digital solutions have played a tremendous role from screening, case finding, isolation and COVID-19 patient follow up. Fast and physical distancing initiatives were the main if not the only solutions. Moreover, Research has played a tremendous role in shaping Rwanda’s health system. It has helped to understand and respond to the most challenging questions, to guide the design, the implementation and the evaluation of interventions and programs, and to learn from the successes and challenges from other countries.

The Rwanda Ministry of Health through Rwanda Biomedical Center in collaboration with its partners, academic institutions, will host the second edition of Health Research & Policy Symposium from 25th - 27th May, 2022, in Kigali Rwanda.


Kigali, UR-Campus Remera


Kigali Convention Centre

Time Activity Responsible
07:00 - 08:40 Final booth set-up UR/CMHS; Exhibitors
08:00 - 08:40 Arrival and Registration All participants
08:45 - 14:00 Exhibition (UR & Partners) UR/CMHS
14:15 - 14:30 Official ‘UNITED for Health’ launch UR/CMHS
15:00 - 15:30 Awards and Certificates ceremony UR/CMHS
15:30 - 16:30 Lunch/Cocktail UR/CMHS
16:30 - Closing Ceremony and Social Night UR/CMHS